Image: © Joan Leandre

NostalG2 \\ L’AGE D’OR NFO.EXE, 2003/08
Leandre, Joan

To Brute Force and Prefect Fatal Error. Perhaps savage times are over, and now we live in an era when excesses are condoned, and although it might seem a mere illusion in the days of permanent updating, the borders of legality are fading. I thought of that one of the cold nights in 1999 at SPMB37, a night spent scanning IPs and consulting NFO files, when beyond the bare word or geometric thought (which at times becomes fascinated by fetishism), experience is what counts and overcoming widespread paranoia: “... I found myself trying to tame the downloading machine, the traffic upstream and downstream was heavy for the first two hours until about three o’clock in the morning, my P2P server collapsed with a multicolour roar. It was the Age of Excess and Avalanche... millions of packages in tiny fragments, moving at cruising speed towards thousands of remote destinations, between nostalgia for the good old days and the euphoric promise of constant renovation: the great bastard in the shadows promises immortality, with each new piece of serialized hardware and software, it offers eternity... I continued to spin constantly. ”. Prefect Fatal Error in Permanent Updating speaks of innocence without conditions, the origins fascinated by the unknown but guaranteed path. Thus, the line of separation is drawn, which marks the limits between convention and the unnameable, if one wants a definite answer or the speech of the century it will no longer depend on factors under our control, it will actually be a question of luck and pleasure in the pure void of the automatic terminal. The downloading machine is out of control. Among sectors and cylinders, there lie data which should be forgotten forever... or did anyone really mean to leave signs of their trail? "I live at the limit, looking at the abyss of the pulsing cursor, immobile as I wait for the final denouement, on that evening, the centre will no longer be found in what is proper and permitted, on the edges, it will be located instead in a past present on the dark face of the monument”.“ Brute Force, thank you for mapping the darkest places on the Web, to Final Bastard for leading us toward the narrow tunnel that runs along nameless paths toward wide open doors (...). The Golden Age is now and always, my dream is to embrace Nanga Parbat.

Kristopher KubasiK. “La Actualización Permanente”. (Permanent Updating)

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