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Mur.muros / Distopía #2, 2007/08
Kònic thtr
Interactive installation

The various networks we inhabit are interconnected with each other in an incessant dynamic process of mutual influence and interaction. The different scales of these networks and processes we traverse range from the macroscopic to the microscopic, from the local to the global and vice versa, creating transversal cuts, hybridizations and interrelations that globalize what is local and localize what is global through flows of all types.

The interactive installation Mur.Muros/Distopia II by Kònic seeks to portray these flows produced in our globalized society, showing the equivalence between the movements of populations at a global level and the movements of users in the exhibit hall where the installation is located. An interior space within a cylindrical area houses a visualization and real time sound processing of exterior sound from the space around the cylindrical area, located in the same hall.

In this way, the sounds produced by users in the hall are captured by various receptors placed at the four cardinal points in the hall where the installation is set up. These ambient sounds and those generated expressway by users are processed and converted and to the basic elements that create an evolving environment inside the cylindrical area. Inside it, we find that the dynamism of Gaia is metaphorically represented as we see and hear how different sound inputs record movements on the exterior, a parallel to trends in population movements in our globalized world.

Gaia, the earth understood as a living organism, struggles with evolving self-regulation, moving from equilibrium to chaos, nourished and altered by migratory movements of those called to move across the world in pursuit of the realization of their stock of utopias. Individuals, groups of people, and public relations are given to move to achieve the idyllic world generated by their utopian visions of reality. For example, in this work by Kònic, with the help of small screens showing a series of dystopian and utopian images of Europe through its peoples’ stories, Europe is explored as a magnet for these movements and the guarantee of a better world, supposedly offering better living conditions to all its inhabitants.

With the participation of: Martí Sánchez Fibla for terra_i_vida software developing Ariadna Alsina for the audio analysis software developing

Asociación Koniclab, creació contemporánia i noves tecnologíes Instituto de Investigación en Inteligencia Artificial (IIIA) del CSIC Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya

Thanks to: Adolf Alcañiz Carles Fusté Marta Gracia Marta Pol i Rigau Museu d’Història de la Ciutat de Girona. Ajuntament de Girona Hangar, Centre de Creació d’Arts Visuals i Multimèdia

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