Vacuum Virtual Machine, Álvaro Castro, 2008

Vacuum Virtual Machine, 2008
Castro, Álvaro
Software art installation

Different and changing shapes flow on a screen. What apparently seem like simple random, strictly plastic, configurations are actually 3D graphics displaying data observable by the visitors during its evolving process. However, these graphics are the external expression, the auto-mapping, of a virtual machine. Approaching the concept of artificial intelligence, this artefact without a physical existence works continuously to develop codes in order to change himself.

This virtual machine breaks with the separation between hardware and software, operating in a cellular, self-organized and non-sequential way; in other words, in an autopoiesic form. The software created by Álvaro Castro is a generative model for the visualisation of complex behaviours through a simple interface. Adopting the appearance of membranes and tissues, the user finds a three-dimensional and synthetic understanding of the self-organization of living systems. Approaching these visual synthesis allows us to—intuitively—grasp the enormous complexity of the dynamic patterns of network systems—both neuronal or social—and their changing architectures.

In collaboration: e-biolab, The National Institute of Bioinformatics-INB and Next Limits Technologies

Acknowledgements: Luis Rico and Alfonso Valencia

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