Image Left: © Daniel Canogar, VEGAP, Gijón, 2008. Imagen Right: © LABoral - Autor Marcos Morilla

Tangle, 2008
Canogar, Daniel

A tangle of cables scattered in the exhibition space and ends up covering with the walls and ceilings with unsettling images. The artist uses these incredible and delicate structures as a metaphor to reflect on the networks of our information society. In Tangle the woven spider web has been replaced by electrical cords, phone wires and computer cables found in rubbish dumps and junkyards all over the city of Madrid, further confirmation of the artist’s ongoing interest in electronic rubbish and the excesses of the consumer society.

The spider webs created by Daniel Canogar refer continuously to the movie screen. The flickering movie projection is captured by the screen surface in a similar way that an insect is trapped by a spider’s web. Membranes made of technological cables have an almost textile touch, where the technological almost seems to mimic the biological. Above all, this piece is a reflection on how technologies create complex emotional connections that unite yet at once silence the contemporary being.

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