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Tecura 4.0, 2005/08

Development today in the neurosciences gives special importance to the role of the organic, to its materiality, as the basis of all knowledge. The Cartesian dualism that formerly classified reality according to the separation between body and mind, and which, by de-materializing the mind, promoted the equivalence between mind and calculation machine, seems to be falling into disuse although it still has a place the popular collective imagination.

The role of the body, the organic, materiality, and the biological processes that structure the networks we move in today are increasingly significant. Their models of functioning are being exported to promote types of fields in the search for solutions to situations where self-organization is needed to solve problems of oversaturation or great complexity.

In this context, Evru has developed its own method of “Arsciemistism” (a combination of art, science and mysticism), granting preferential status to the organic, with its icons, the eye and the brain, as the focus of its concerns. The corporal organism receives feedback inserted in networks interconnecting everything with everything else, and the body becomes the direct translator of the mind. In this interconnection of icons of all types, Evru incorporates digital technologies to explore the potential structuring and expansion of these networks and the attributes related to computational sciences.

In Tecura, Evru extends itself, becoming a meta-artist, symbiotically connected to the user, who can alter, modify or expand the elements previously made available by the artist. It offers an interactive application for network visual and sound creation, generated based on the artist’s own language, providing users with a supply of images and sounds they can use to make their own creations.

This way, the author is not placed at the centre and fosters art for everyone, not only for artists, enhancing work by network. Tecura is also a curative programme that heals through an artistic praxis not based on the rational structure of languages but instead on playing with the sum of madness and hallucinations emerging from reality itself.

Tecura version 4.0 carried out with support from M.N.C.A.R.S.
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