© Alfredo Colunga, VEGAP, Gijón, 2008

El día E de la energía (E-day for energy), 2008
Colunga, Alfredo
Net.art, online collaborative project

Globalisation means the possibility to access new markets, suppliers.. competition and access to goods all over the planet…This increases the offer variety, it means many oportunities for the secondary and terciary sectors in our economies, as well as in transformation and distribution… State-of-the-art goods circulate faster and faster all over the planet in an increasingly complex net… However, there is a problem. These goods require energy and raw materials…

Globalisation also means that the world fosile fuel and raw material reserves are well known. Raw materials which are, or are not, renewable… Oil… food… iron… copper… nickel…

Globalisation means that each company in the primary sector has already been allocated one portion of such reserves which will by no means increase… As they know their reserves, the only way for companies to grow will then be… to take over other companies.This generates a rapid concentration of power over resources,And it does not only happen with fossil fuels. but also with the raw materials and the subproducts derived from them…This will eventually lead us to a world where a few will own the essential goods for all. And they will control the prices.

The only possibility to invert this tendency is… to find new energy…Such plentiful energy that we come back to competing for its use, and not for owning it. Just as the air we breathe… So plentiful that it allows to access new raw materials, inaccessible today… Being on this planet… or others…..

Probably this plentiful and cheap energy will be fusion. The energy of the sun. There is a project already in progress to achieve it. It is the ITER project. However, the ITER project has three problems: technological doubts, insuficient funding, which does not allow for projects to be doubled or accelerated… and the most important one... the funding comes only from technologically developed countries. It does not involve the current energy producers. So the development of this future energy... is a threat for the current energy producers.

The E day for Energy will be the day when current energy producers and the future ones sit together at the same table...and sign an agreement… The owners of the current energy, fosile energy, will invest on the new energy…and in exchange they will obtain a part in the ownership of the future energy. Enough future energy to be interested in the change... guaranteeing in the meantime supply and prices in order to perform an organised transition to the new energy era.

The E Day is the proposal for a great agreement. A necessary agreement among the energy producers of tomorrow and the energy producers of today… in order to access the future world.

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