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Canal*MOTOBOY, 2007/08
Abad, Antoni and Installation is a project focused since 2003 on the creation of digital communities through the use of mobile phones with built-in cameras. The immediate dissemination via Internet of audiovisual footage recorded with these mobile devices allows them to become loudspeakers amplifying the voices of various social collectives lacking an active presence within mainstream mass media.

Canal *MOTOBOY uses the Web as a communication tool, in this case those reporting their experiences and documenting their environments are motorcycle couriers from Sao Paulo, generating on the Internet a new mode of collective awareness and knowledge.

Communication networks and urban networks are superimposed, connected and complementary within the same pattern of collective intelligence.

Organization: Centro Cultural de España y Centro Cultural Sao Paulo Sponsored by: Sociedad Estatal para la Acción Cultural Exterior de España. Programation: Eugenio Tisselli. Touch interface developing: Lluís Gómez, Hangar Barcelona
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