An evolving fabric

Since its creation in the early 1990s, the banquete_ project has focused on exploring the relations among biological, social, technological and cultural systems. banquete_08, held for the third time, is devoted to the concept of "network" understood as the basic pattern structuring life, from genetic codes and neural networks to global communication spheres.

What is the relationship among living, thinking, communicating, evolving, and connecting? This question will help us to visualize the relations among the neural pathways studied by Santiago Ramón y Cajal over a century ago, and the digital networks described by sociologist Manuel Castells. A sole fabric runs through and connects different scales and behaviours; biological phenomena, interactive networks and stories; artistic creations, scientific models and social dynamics.

The banquet_ nodes and networks (banquete_nodos y redes) exhibit constitutes one of the modules in a larger programme that aims to physically and virtually generate and consolidate nodes and networks among persons, projects, entities, and institutions. The aim is to structure a living, active fabric of creators/researchers, institutions and cities. They are all aware of and motivated by the pressing need to respond to the realities and demands arising from the interaction among art, science, technology and society.

The nodes and networks programme includes the development of several interconnected lines of action:

Exhibit of digital art in Spain: banquete_nodos y redes

The publication: banquete_nodos y redes

An R+D project: Symbioos

A research, production and communication platform: e-biolab


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